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Why Rosecap?

Transfer your money overseas in a safe, secure and fast way, thanks to our professional team and modern services. We highly recommend trying our services since Rose Exchange is the choice of smart individual and businesses.

24/7/365 Support

Customers can get help and transfer money as soon as they come up. Around the clock, around the year!

Zero Fee

Enjoy the zero fee for all transactions! Your rate is what you receive in destination account. NO HIDDEN FEES!

Competitive Rates

Don't want to say always the No.1 rate, but we say our rates are highly competitive, thanks to our professional team!

Special Offers

Special offers every day. Contact our support team to receive our daily special offer.

Instant payment

Statistically within an hour all the settled funds received from the customers are paid to their destination banks.

AUSTRAC and ASIC registered

Rosecap Pty Ltd, ABN: 32643126523, trading as SARAFI ROSE, is an Australian private company registered with Austrac with the registration number 100708099. We proudly announce Rose Exchange Competitive Rates, Distinctive Services.

How to transfer?

1. Registration​

For your very first transfer, you need to dedicate a few minutes for registration. Simply start chatting with our support team, and we will do the rest.

2. Verification​

This step takes us a minute or two to verify your documents. When finished successfully, you will be provided with bank details to send your money.

3. Transfer​

Transfer your money and send a screenshot of your transfer to the support team. As soon as we received the fund, the fund will be sent to the destination bank.

4. Settlement​

Normally we dispatch the fund within 1 hour when received. It may takes 1-24 business hours to settle in the destination bank.

Anything You Need

Better rates, instant secure payments, and being always available are the key required items we provide.

We Provides All Facilities For a Better Money Transfer Experience

Whether you are after the market’s top rate, or a secure reliable money transfer, or even you are in a hurry and want to send money to your beloved in hours or mins, you are in the right place!
Though it is not all, there is plenty to experience with us, thanks to our professional high profile staff.

Professional High-Profile Staff

We're here to help

Is it late at night and everywhere is closed? or is it the weekend and you just got some time to send money to your beloved overseas but again nowhere is open? Don’t worry! We have your back. If you want a merchant always available to transfer your money after hours or at nights, or on your holidays, simply start a chat with us and send your money in a few mins!

Online human chat
+61 - 1300396575
We got your back!

Just hit the chat button on the bottom left to start talking with our staff. We are always in your service.

What our customers say

negin neinavaie
negin neinavaie
Very fast and reliable service! I was surprised how quickly, easily and smoothly the service was delivered.
nasser r
nasser r
واقعا عالی هستین! سریع ترین روش پرداختی که به عمرم دیدم !
Alireza Tabatabaei
Alireza Tabatabaei
simple, rapid transfer, and fair rate Thanks ROSECAP
Mitra Movahedi
Mitra Movahedi
Rascap Exchange is highly reliable and has excellent 24-hour support. They are very patient and responsive. I am very pleased with my acquaintance with this exchange.
Ehsan Safari
Ehsan Safari
They Always respond and lookafter customers at any time thanks
payam pourasghar
payam pourasghar
امن و سریع


Most common general question asked

We don’t charge any explicit or hidden fees. All transactions are fee-free.

We make money by profiting from the spread between buying and selling prices. This spread is the difference between the price at which we purchase currency and the price at which we sell it.

We are open 24/7/365 to transfer your money. Our professional support team are always available around the clock, around the year.

Unfortunately currently we dont accept cash payments. All funds should be sent through your bank accounts.

Keeping your money safe is at the heart of our business. ROSECAP Pty Ltd is a Designated Remittance Service Provider with the Australian Transaction Report and Analysis Center (AUSTRAC),  Registration Number: IND100708099. Also regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), Australian Company Number (ACN) 32643126523. For more info see our certifications

It depends on several factors, including the currency you are depositing or buying, the bank used, and the size of the transaction. If you transfer major currencies such as AUD, NZD, GBP, USD or EUR, we will usually process the payment the same day. Funds must be settled with the beneficiary bank on the same business day. Statistically, %90 of funds are processed and paid within 1 hour after receiving your money. All being said, the bank may credit the account the following business day.
If you need your beneficiary to receive funds by a specific date, please let us know, and we will advise you on the best course of action. In rare cases, delays may occur. ROSECAP will do everything reasonably possible to ensure that funds arrive on time but is not responsible for delays caused by intermediary or receiving banks.

Details will vary depending on the currency you deposit. When you place an order, We will give you the bank account details you need to send payment.

It is required to let us know when your details including your ID details or Address get updated. You can easily share your updated details via online chat or through emial [email protected]. When we recieve your new datials, we will update your customer profile.

The best way you can get your response is through our online chat. Our professional support team are available 24/7/365, around the clock, around the year.
Also, for any enquiries, you can send an email to [email protected]. We will come back to you as soon as we can.